At Jarry, we've prided ourselves on advancing the platform of queer food and drink, and sharing the stories of the talented queer people who make them. That’s why we’ve created EAT QUEER: a community-driven directory of queer food and drink establishments that will serve as a free travel and culinary resource. We want this to be a space where everyone in the Jarry community can exchange their favorite restaurants, bakeries, coffeeshops, and bars with their own personal endorsements. This will be a living database, updated as new listings are submitted—so we need you to participate!

We don't care if your favorite queer establishment has any Michelin stars or about its press coverage. Rather, we want to know why YOU love it, why you keep going back, and why you send your friends when they come to town for a visit. Is the owner Queer? Is the Chef Queer? Is the vibe Queer? Does the business support LGBTQIA+ Causes? You tell us!

Join the community! Please submit your favorite queer food recommendations, and like and add your comments to help verify current listings. And, of course, please help spread the word!

We will be adding new listings to the directory as they come in, and enhancing the user experience through added functionality and filtering. Please stay tuned, and send us a note to hello@jarrymag.com if you have any suggestions or feedback. All comments welcome.

Thanks for visiting, and EAT QUEER!

Lukas and Steve